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9 reason you may not be finding your Life Purpose

We all have a Life Purpose. We all have a unique reason for being here this time round. We all know this deep down, deep in our core – in our sole – however we usually try and ignore it.  We usually close our eyes and ears to it, and overlook the internal GPS system we all have that constantly tries to pull us back to our Purpose.

Here are the top 10 reasons we do so:

(1) We listen to loving people who discourage us

There are many people who discourage us from finding our Purpose. . . many of those people, like your spouse, parents or school teachers, were well-intentioned. They believed it better you follow a path well tread than to find your own path. Over time you believe that this Path that others have followed was also your Path, despite your Soul knowing better, but none the less you went along with it and pursued a path that never quite felt right for you.

(2) We listen to not-loving people who discourage us

There are other people whose motivations were not quite the same, but none the less the outcome they facilitated was identical. These people, for reasons such as jealousy, ignorance or simply stupidity, have done their very best to talk you away from the Path that was right for you.

(3) Being Negative

We are often our harshest critic. We often have an internal voice…an ongoing internal dialogue with ourselves…that keeps telling us we are not good enough or won’t succeed, and of course if you think you’re not going to succeed, then you’re probably right. That way, we simply stay on the path that others have defined for us, which we believe – albeit often wrongly – is a safer and more secure path than the one your heart wants you to follow.

(4) Watching too much Television

This over simplifies it a little, but what I mean is spending too much time doing unproductive things that do little to promote your finding your Life Purpose. If your Purpose in Life is to write a book, or invent something useful, then you won’t accomplish this by watching the latest episode of Real Housewives. Also, since so much of what we read and watch these days is negative it also guides you towards a negative vibration. . . and the Universe is far more likely to provide you what you need to fulfill your Purpose when you are vibrating in the positive. You are also more likely to be aware of what the Universe is trying to tell you!

(5) Not enough time meditating

It is truly amazing what can come to us when our Minds are still. It is when we quieten our minds, that we often hear the most. Even ten minutes a day of quiet contemplation can provide you with guidance towards your goals, and if more time allows then take up a daily practice of 20 minutes meditation and listen to the quiet in your Minds and your Life Purpose will come nearer.

(6) Not enough sleep

It is not possible to achieve our goals unless we are well rested. Sleep should be a priority, not something that happens once you’ve ticked everything else off your to-do list. Sleep Better. Live Better.

(7) Not working hard enough

It would be wonderful if we didn’t have to ‘act’ to obtain our goals. . . it would be wonderful if meditation and sleep alone were sufficient to help our fulfill our Life Purpose…but they are not! There is nothing achieved without Action. Our Life Purpose is out there, but often it is hidden behind a lot of hard work. I don’t necessarily mean the ‘work until midnight, never see your loved ones’ type of hard work, but i mean the ‘get out of your comfort zone and do something’ type of hard work. It is amazing what lies just outside our comfort zone.

(8) Surrounding Yourself with People Who Don’t Reach Their Goals

It is oft said that you are who you associate with, and there is some truth in this. You take on the traits of the 5 people you associate most with. . . if you work in a very materially ambitious work environment then you will likely – by contagion – become that way, if on the other hand you work in an environment where people have less drive and ambitious you will also be impacted by this.  Therefore it makes sense that if you want to find your Life Purpose you should surround yourself with people who you sense have found theirs. The more you can be around them, and surround yourself with people who reach their Life Goals, then you are more likely to find and reach yours.

(9) The time isn’t yet right

It doesn’t matter if you’re 17 or 75 you can still find your Life Purpose. It is never too late to live the life you were born to live. The reason you may not presently be living your Life Purpose is it isn’t yet time for your to. Your time may not have yet come. Everything that has happened in your Life — the good, the bad and the terrible – may all have been preparing you for a moment that has yet to come. So be mindful, be Present, and be aware. The time may not have been right before… but 2015 may be the year.

Namaste x

3 thoughts on “9 reason you may not be finding your Life Purpose

  1. I enjoyed reading this and I hope you do not mind if I reblog it. I just started working on my blog and I want my first post to start with finding you calling or purpose.

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