8 ways to better allow abundance in to your Life

Allowing abundance to come into your Life is not always easy….since we’ve been taught since young children that money doesn’t grow on trees, that abundance doesn’t come easy and that you MUST work hard for abundance.  These beliefs have been conditioned into us so are not easy to change…..but begin with these simple tips!


1. Appreciate money that comes to you, no matter how small.   If you receive a small check in the mail giving you a refund for a few dollars, learn to appreciate it.  It is the universe giving you a taster and seeing how you act. Appreciate it and give gratitude……this will instantly transition you into a more receptive state to receive additional good things.  Do not have thoughts of ‘its not a lot’ or ‘why is it not more’….hold thoughts of ‘it’s great to receive an unexpected amount of money’ and ‘I can buy a free coffee with that!”.   Do not have thoughts of lack, but of gratitude

2. Have positive thoughts when you are able to pay a bill or invoice.  Rather than your mind being critical of the amount you pay, be appreciative that you have the funds to pay it. Whether the bill is a few dollars, or a few hundred or even thousand……try to hold in your belief system a gratitude that you have the money to pay the invoice. (Even if you do not, and you have to borrow the money, have appreciation that you are able to have borrowed it)

3. Take 4 minutes every evening to write in a gratitude journal. Manifest abundance by being grateful for what you have.

4. Each morning take 5 minutes to affirm that you have great wealth and that greater wealth is coming to you. It’s a far better way to spend five minutes than hitting the snooze button (again!)

5. Read uplifting books and watch television shows that that inspire you and motivate you. Watch shows about abundance and wealth and make sure your beliefs and your vibrational frequency align with the wealth ensuring no negative thoughts about abundance come into your thoughts and instead make sure only positive associations with the wealth do!

6. Hang around rich people or visit places where affluent people hang out, such as an expensive car showroom or luxury mall. Savor the energy of these locations.

7. Practice getting more comfortable with larger sums of money!  If you currently earn $40,000 a year, picture yourself earning $80,000. If you currently earn $100,000 a year, imagine yourself to soon be earning $250,000.

8.  Visualize, visualize,  visualize.  And I don’t mean just visualizing yourself with a finer car, or nicer home, or better job…..i mean visualize yourself ALLOWING these things to come into your Life.  Be mindful of your internal voice and vibrational frequency ….and truly visualize yourself allowing yourself to have these things.

Abundance is often a choice. Make the right choice.

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