Eat Well and Prosper!


To achieve your Life Purpose and True Essence you must never underestimate the significance of good health.

After Sleep Nutrition is the next most prominent route to Wellness……..and Wellness is the foundation of ONEness!

Follow these 4 very simple rules

Over 80% of the food in Supermarkets today were not on the shelves 50 years — it is basically not food, its processed ‘stuff’ that masquerades as food. Food doesn’t come in branded packaging – as tempting as it looks – it comes naturally. Water, Fruit, Vegetables, Fish. I’m not suggesting that to achieve your True Essence you give up food you enjoy, simply commenting that you will get a far more positive experience and be able to truly begin to live your life in the Essence if you follow these 4 very simple rules:

Drink more Water
Eat more fruit and vegetables
Reduce your red meat intake and increase Fish
Reduce alcohol consumption

A hamburger may taste great for a few minutes but it then lies in your stomach for a few hours making you sluggish and tired, and less likely to exercise. Can you imagine how much you are handicapping your chances of success compared to people who eat well and have energy!

4 Benefits of Nutrition

Energy Increased energy levels are the immediate benefits of switching to a healthy diet. Eliminating excess fats, sugars and refined carbohydrates (such as white bread) helps prevent blood sugar fluctuations and gives your body more energy.

Brain Health Proper nutrition increases blood flow to your brain, protecting brain cells and helping to prevent disease. For a brain healthy diet, avoid fried foods.

Weight Control To prevent weight gain, you must eat no more calories than you burn each day. For weight loss, you must eat fewer calories than your body burns daily. If you control your weight your feel better

Increases Sprituality A light stomach aids meditation and makes it easier to quieten your mind. Once your Mind is quietened you can more easily access your inner guidance system and begin to live your True Essence.

Eat well and prosper!

2 thoughts on “Eat Well and Prosper!

    1. Thanks for your comment. It would be nice if fish were not harmed, and all sentient beings could be protected, but it is important that human beings receive certain nutrients that best come from fish. If they are caught humanely, i still believe this is good advice. We are all just nature, and in the oceans fish are caught and eaten by larger and bigger fish. Maybe one day we will all evolve to not need to eat sentient beings, maybe, but in the interim I recommend eating certain types of fish.

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