Spiritual Awakening Day – Nov 11

Spiritual Awakening Day is a holiday, observed on November 11 every year, in which people celebrate the global shift in mass consciousness and the dawn of the Age of Aquarius.

It is celebrated by sending Love, Gratitude and Joy into the Universe at 11am until 11.11am.


11.11 was chosen as the date and 11-11.11am as the time due to the spiritual connection with these numbers. In numerology 11 is a Master Number and represents idealism, intuition, revelation, genius and spirituality, however 11:11 is more than numerology, it is truly a sign that signifies your spiritual awakening. 11:11 – whether you see it on a clock, your bank statement, a receipt or anywhere else – is an sign from the Universe that your ‘angels’ and spirit guides are connected to you, and that everything is in alignment and you are exactly where you need to be right now. The alignment of Spiritual Awakening Day with Veterans Day, and Remembrance Day, is no coincidence. As we recognize the souls of those who have passed over, we also meditate on the truth that our souls are eternal and that we are truly spiritual being having a human experience.

A spiritual awakening is when one has become aware and has awakened, or is going through the stages of an awakening. It is about becoming more aware of ourselves on a higher level, and are aware of the divine presence to the depths of each and every moment – irrespective of religious denomination or beliefs – and a belief that there is more going on here, that there may be a reality beyond what we can comprehend, that there is something very real but beyond our analysis and understanding, and an awareness that everything is ultimately connected to everything else as One.

Spiritual Awakening Day is about recognizing that millions of people are now seeing there are some things we cannot see and cannot explain. When you realize there are things we can’t see and don’t understand, then you on your way to understanding all sorts of things. Consciousness is being Conscious of what we cannot see, and many people across the globe are waking up.

Please be instrumental in this shift in consciousness, spreading the word, planting the seed, inspiring others to be part of it, facilitating the unlimited potential of humans to blossom, to help keep the focus on love, joy, enlightenment and spirituality, our Inner Purpose. There is no higher vibration than Love and Appreciation, so when we collectively send out love, gratitude and joy on 11.11 at 11-11.11 we are not just altering our own reality, but shifting the vibrations of the entire Universe.

Join us at http://www.facebook.com/spiritualawakeningday

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Awakening Day – Nov 11

  1. I did not know this either. I have been on a journey of peace and changing my heart. It’s been a fruitful journey so far, I have come across so many great lessons that i have not yet learned and it’s been awesome. I have a current read that I recommend, Evolving Towards Peace by Jalaja Bonheim jalajabonheim.com is her site. She gets to how there is a new conciousness awakening and it has the potential to heal us and our planet. I have found this to be so wonderful.

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