Connect with your Spirit Guides

Some people, like psychics and mediums, are highly gifted at connecting with the Spiritual realm, however most of us on the Earthly plane are either unaware that connecting is a possibility or have simply suppressed the belief it’s conceivable due to year of being conditioned to believe there is nothing beyond our 5 earthly senses.


We are taught from an early age that our 5 senses (smell, touch, vision, hearing, taste) are the only senses we possess, and that something we can’t see, or touch, or smell, or hear or taste simply can’t be real. This belief is passed on to us through friends and family, schooling and media, and we are taught to ignore the possibility that maybe there is something out there we cannot see.

But the Truth is, it is when we begin to understand that there are many things that we cannot see or understand, that we begin to see and understand many things.

The existence of Spirit is one of those things.

Surely it makes more sense to believe that there are many things that our 5 senses do not ‘capture’ than to believe that these 5 senses capture everything that is out there and everything that it real in this glorious Universe. If our 5 senses were all inclusive, would we not hear dog whistles, would we not see gravity or radio waves – the Truth is there are many things that we cannot see, hear, taste, smell or feel, but that doesn’t mean that they do not exist.

Consciousness is being conscious of what we cannot see and the so-called sixth sense, or extrasensory perception, is real and if you learn how to strengthen this sense, and better understand and trust it, then you will be on your way to gaining an important angelic resource to help guide you.

So, how to we connect with what we cannot see?

Before I begin discussing how we better connect, I first briefly want to discuss the Beings in the Angelic realm in a little more detail.

All Angelic Beings are what we know as energy, and they operate at a higher frequency than the physical, human plane of existence

It is generally considered that there is a ‘hierarchy’ in the Angelic Realm made up of Beings that have either always lived in the Angelic realm or previously lived on the Earthly plain as physical incarnations yet are currently in Spirit form. All these Beings presently have no ‘physicalexistence’ ie they are not composed of matter as we know it, and are instead beings of Light and energy.

Ascended Masters are Beings who have become Self-Realized and serve humanity, who have previously lived on earth, and these angelic Beings have surrendered fully their personal ego and raised their vibration to a sustained frequency of light and are fully aware of our complete and indivisible union with G_d. Such Ascended Masters include Jesus, Buddha, Sanat Kumara,El Morya.

Angels are also Beings of Light. Angels have never lived on the earthly dimension, but can and do take ‘physical form’ when needed to present important messages. There are Archangels, such as Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Uriel – each with a different character and can be called upon when needed – and numerous additional Angels who can be called upon to guide and help you.

These Angels could be your Spirit Guide, however your Guides can also be deceased loved ones who have chosen to help you, or other previously sentient Beings.

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are assigned to us before our birth, and are responsible for helping us fulfill our spiritual contract – the sacred contract we make before we incarnate – with the objective of enhancing our spiritual awareness. They are a trusted friend who’s been with you a long time, even if you have not been aware of them before. Your Guides role is to help you and guide you through this Earthly incarnation. Some Guides are with you your entire life, however others come to assist when you have a specific area you need help with. Your Guides can be at differing hierarchies in the spiritual realm, for example some may be masters, whereas others may be loved ones.

They all appear as energy and it’s easiest to connect when you are open to guidance and in a truly relaxed state.

For some people they connect with their Guides almost effortlessly, these people can interpret messages from the angelic realm easily, however most people do not have these natural psychic abilities – just like not everyone is a world class dancer or singer! However, like singing and dancing, practice will help you get better, and the more you practice Connecting with your Guides the more you will begin to hear, see, feel, smell and sense your Guides.

Firstly, it’s good to try and understand what your ‘primary sense’ is. Most people are primarily ‘visual’ people, namely this is their ‘strongest’ sense, however others are ‘audio’ (sound people) and others ‘kinetic’, (namely feeling people). Of course, most people have a little bit of all of these – but none the less you likely have a primary sense and this will help establish whether you are more clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsentient. Your ‘sense’ will influence the way you ‘hear from’ Spirit.

The following is an easy 9 point guide to connecting with Spirit”

1. Go somewhere you will not be distracted

2. Relax and take some deep breaths

3. Begin to clear your mind

4. Breathe deeply and ground yourself (imagine a ‘cord’ running from your head through your spine and ‘extend’ this cord to the center of the earth)

5. Imagine Light coming from into your head that extends through your body and connects with your grounding ‘cord’

6. Continue to breath slowly and gentle while focusing on clearing your mind

7. Continue to mediate until relaxed, at that point welcome your Spirit guide (either aloud or in your mind) and ask your Guide to appear

a. Initially this may feel strange, but literally welcome your Guide as you would a friend knocking on your front door.

8. Try to sense the presence of your Guide and express appreciation to your Guide for coming to you

9. Then ask a question, anything you would like answered, and await your answer

This can require patience and do not expect a clear and concise communication immediately, it takes time and practice, but the more you practice the more you will connect! Ensure you release all frustration you might feel about not yet making the contact you want with your guide, but keep practicing and always stay open and aware.

How will your question be answered

1. Thoughts/Visions/Feelings/Sounds

During this practice you may receive messages in your thoughts. These thoughts could come as visual images, sounds, or feelings – usually depending on what your primary sense is. Even if what pops into your Mind seems irrelevant and random still take notice. Your Guide may be answering your Question or may be answering a question that he or she feels important for you to know. Take notice, and try and interpret what it could mean. If no thoughts, sounds, tastes, visions or feelings pop into your Mind that is ok also, the Question has been asked and simply become more aware over the following days or weeks.

2. Intuition

Learn to follow your intuition. Follow that ‘gut feeling’ or ‘intuitive knowing’. These are usually thoughts that appear “from nowhere”, rather than those that come to you through association. For example, if you go past a zoo and then begin thinking of an elephant then this is likely not a sign, but if you are in your office working and suddenly you keep getting mental images of an elephant then this may be a sign. Go google ‘metaphysical signs elephant shaman’ and see what this sign may have for you!

3. Through People

Sometimes your Guides will send people into your life who are there to help you. Often we have ‘our eyes close’ and not in a state of awareness and therefore do not recognize the purpose of why these people have come into your life, but since there is ‘no such thing as coincidence’ consider every person who comes into your life either as a lesson to learn something or as a help to guide you.

4. Through signs
Look out for repeating signs and synchronicities that are presented to you to help alert you to something you need know. These signs can come in all shapes and forms, from repeating music on the radio, to repeating numbers you may see – for example 1111, 333, 444, to an emblem that you keep on attracting into your view. Become aware of these and learn to understand what message they are trying to tell you.

5. Dreams
Thoughts and messages may come to you in your dreams, so put out the intention at night to connect with your Guides during your dreams and ask they provide guidance and that you awaken remembering this guidance.

You will know if the guidance you receive is from the angelic realm, rather than from the ego based physical plane, since the advice should resonate with you and make sense to you, you may even receive a tingling sensation. You will never receive negative advice from your Guides, they will never criticize you or others, never tell your to harm yourself or others, and will only ever offer loving guidance.

The more you practice, the stronger your instincts will become, and you will more easier be able to distinguish between your Guides and your Ego, in turn, this will create a path toward greater purpose, abundance and spiritual awareness.

Spirit guides see what’s happening in our lives, and when called upon help us in numerous ways. You have a path and a destiny and your spirit guide is here to help you whenever you call up on them.

with Love and Light

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