A Massive Assault of Toxins


We live in a world of Energy, and although the last century brought many great advances (technology, medical and industrial to name a few) that allow us to increase our positive vibrations, it also brought with it a massive assault of toxins that sap and destroy our Energy.

We have basically been attacked by harmful toxins that lower our vibrations, undermine our physical condition and weaken our ability to connect with Source.

I am not just talking about drug abuse or harmful radiation that clearly don’t belong in our bodies, but also the multitude of agricultural and industrial chemicals, the food additives, such as food coloring, and preservatives that we find in our every day lives.

This massive daily assault of toxins dulls our senses and weakens our Spirit.

There are numerous ways to overcome and mitigate against many of these harmful toxins, as I am not suggesting it is easy to avoid diet drinks, artificial sweeteners, food coloring and other such chemicals we find in food, however what we can do is try to reduce their harmful effects.

The following recommendations are very simple, and not an unfamiliar concept, however it’s worth covering again. 

(1) Exercise, namely cardiovascular, is one simple method, since it improves circulation
(2) “Sweating it out” in a sauna or steam room is another good example.
(3) These, of course, must be accompanied by drinking sufficient amounts of water (see the Power of Water: https://mindandoneness.com/2013/10/17/the-power-of-waterthe-elixir-of-life-itself/)
(4) Switching to organic fruit and vegetables.

These very simple improvements are your best defense against this massive assault of toxins and will greatly aid your physical and spiritual development.



PS.  Of course, please do everything in moderation and consult a physician if you ever require medical help.






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