9 ways you know you’ve found your Life Purpose!


There are a few ways people look at their careers.

(1) As a job, simply as a way to earn an income
(2) As a passion, something you are enthused about and motivated in
(3) As a Calling, your Life Purpose, the Reason you are here on the planet

But how do you know if or when you’ve found your calling???

1. You may feel at peace
It will just somehow feel a little different than before. You will feel somehow in alignment, with a Knowing that this is your calling. You will have an inner belief that somehow this feels right.

Everyone around you will likely think you’ve gone mad, and you will not be quite sure either, but there will also be a part of you that feels an inner knowing and calm that you’re on your correct Life Path.

Our Souls do not forget why we are here. We, in our human bodies forget, but our Souls do not and when you hopefully finally fall into alignment with your Life Purpose, your Soul knows it.

It may even be that other aspects of your life are simultaneously falling apart, but you’ll someone feel that it’s been for a reason.

2. Things start to make sense

Some of those things in your life that fell apart may have gotten you to this place, and while you may never have wanted them, you know believe – at least on some level – there was a reason for them. The failures, the disappointments, the pain, the mistakes, they were all preparing you to get to this Path.

You begin to starting wondering if your job loss, failed business venture, divorce, past failures, forced relocations may be were just getting you to where you needed to be, some how – in spite of the pain of them all – pushing you in a Direction, and teaching you lessons your Soul needed to learn in order to be who you’re being called to be.

3. Mystical things may start happening

Circumstances, synchronicities and coincidences may confusing begin to happen. Certain events or people or timings may coincidentally pop up. They may bemuse you, and you will try and deny they are anything more than a coincidence, but deep inside you’ll wonder if this is proof that your Purpose is being guided.

4. Mentors will appear

Just when you need them — divine timing – experts, friends and mentors will show up and provide the direction and information you need. Obviously, you’ll need to stay Aware to be sure you notice this information for what it is, but just as the correct time the people you need to progress and take a step forward will show in your Life. You will be brought the tools you need in an almost mystical way. Success does not come alone, success comes with the help of many people and you will find when your are on Your Path that mentors will arrive at the point you need them. As always, you must keep your eyes open and stay aware, but the Mentors will come and

5. Obstacles will appear

Obstacles and challenges will appear that make you question yourself and your goals, however these ‘obstacles’ are truly only way of getting you to where you must go. Take then for what they are, a “GPS” not obstacles. People will become unhelpful, deals with fall through, money will run out, but these are all about rerouting you to where you need to go, rather than where YOU think you need to go!

6. Your Obstacles will not keeping mounting

Obstacles are part of the growth process and a necessary part of the journey, but they can also be a clear sign of your heading the wrong way. Obstacles can direct you to Your Purpose, but if the challenges keep on mounting and troubles keep on coming, then its likely a sign you’ve gone the Wrong way. Listen to your internal GPS and get back on course

7. Money comes exactly when you need it (Note: Need, not want)

If you’re on the right path, you will be Rewarded. G_d does not make his Lightworkers live in poverty — unless they choose to — G_d enriches his Lightworkers when they are doing His work. The money may not come straight away, and it may not come easy, but it will come and you will find that sometimes it appears almost magically at exactly the time you need it.

8. Events happen exactly when you need it

You may sometimes feel lost, or even worse, but just at that moment you feel like giving up, Signs will appear or Events will occur that give you hope and some more inspiration. The Signs can be small, and as always you must be Awake to them, but at the moment you feel lost, these signs or Events will happen that once again show you this is your Calling.

9. As a nice Bonus — your Wellbeing should improve!!!

Your Health and overall wellbeing should improve. Since you’ll be Living your Calling you will be Vibrating at a Higher frequency and therefore your overall wellness will improve and you will have more Energy and you’ll feel less tired. You will become, and look more attractive, to the opposite sex. You will walk just a little taller.

When you are operating at your highest good and living your Purposeful life the Universe will give you what you need. It is never too late to begin searching for your Purpose, the Universe has been patiently waiting for you to find it.

“When living your Life Purpose, you will walk taller, and you will feel somehow supported by a Unknown force” – Sy Ndes

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