There is a Plan for your Life

There is a plan for your life.

God’s plan for you was established before you were even born. It is established in consultation between yourself and your guides, Angels and other Higher powers. It is often referred to as your ‘sacred contract’. Our Souls know the plan, but we often forget it. Our intuition leads us to it, but only if you Listen to your intuition.

There has always has been a plan and purpose for your Life; we were not born into this world without a purpose to fulfill.

“To assert that a world as intricate as ours emerged from chaos by chance is as sensible as to claim
that Shakespeare’s dramas were composed by rioting monkeys in a print shop” Merrill C. Tenney, American theologian, writer; (1904)

God prepared this life plan for you; and you willingly agreed to it.

This plan will not be contrary to your personality traits; those things you enjoy, those tasks you are good at, those skills you have, they are not random, they are God given so you can fulfill your Purpose.

We do, of course, have the right not to follow our Purpose. We have the right to ignore our internal GPS system since we do not forfeit the right to exercise free will. We will always be led towards experiences that further us towards our plan, but we do not have to be aware of them, we have free will to ignore and continue as if everything is random.

You maintain the power to resist your Life Purpose.

But if you be Aware, if you Listen to your Intuition, and live in a state of awareness and gratitude, even though you may occasionally get lost along the way; you will be Guided back to your course. God is loving and wise beyond our comprehension.

Life Purpose

People generally fall into one of 4 categories when it comes to Life Purpose:

· There is no God, and therefore no divine plan, but I have my own goals.
· There is God but He has no plan for us; life is random
· There is God and He has a plan for my life; (but I’ll only follow it if I like it)
· There is God and He has a plan for my life

Whichever of these you fall into it does not alter the reality that a Plan has been made for you. You can better acquaint yourself with your Purpose and Plan through many mediums, such as meditation, connecting with your Guide and Angels, and also divination like Astrology and Numerology.

Your plan is derived from your date, time and location of birth and your given name at birth. These can reveal your destiny and purpose in life. You can ignore your soul urge or listen to it, and by knowing the plan you can be more easily be led to experiences and events that will assist you in accomplishing your Purpose.

“There are two ways to live; you can live as if nothing is a miracle; or you can live as if everything is a miracle” : Albert Einstein

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