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Let’s talk about sex, baby! Spirituality and Intimacy

Sex and intimacy works on many levels … a physical level, emotional, mental and spiritual.

As a Western society however we often neglect the Spiritual dimension of sexual relations. This is not so with Eastern society, for example many Koreans believe that the energy center below our navel (the Dantian) which holds our sexual energy in reserve, whereas Indian cultures talk about the root chakra housing our sexual energy and the need for a healthy and open root chakra for sexual connections.

love, happiness, sex, intimacy,

And the Truth is the Energy lifeforce (Chi or Qi) that Eastern philosophy talks regularly about is the same Energy as sexual energy and it’s therefore important we keep our sexual energetic vibrations high like we must our other energetic vibrations.

However, due to the unstable and volatile nature of sexual energy (that when used in a negative way) can turn to depravity some Western traditions in the Middle Ages began to view Sex and Intimacy as an impediment to spiritual development, not an important part of it, and this belief continues to perpetuate in western society today.

Words like Relationship, Love, Marriage all have largely positive connotations, but the word Sex brings different feelings to the fore, maybe feelings of shame or guilty pleasure. John Lennon once summed this up perfectly when he said that news network can regularly show war, famine, violence and hate on televisions screen, but we strictly censure showing two people making Love……and of course when we do see the latter there is often a guilt associated with our watching it.

Now, please understand that I am not condoning acts of unsafe sex, depravity or promiscuous behavior, but indeed the mere fact i need to clarify this shows we in the West have an unhealthy attitude towards sexual intimacy.

But from an Eastern perspective, the notion that sex and spirituality are somehow disconnected is shunned since sex, when done right, is one of foundations of happiness.

But how do elevate the spiritual status of Sex.

Firstly, it is important to learn that while Male and Female sexual instincts, organs and orgasms may be different, that the sexual energy is the same. No one gender feels it less or more than the other, no one gender craves it less or more than the other. What we can do, however, is use spirituality to enhance the nature on our sexuality.

When a man is aroused most the energy flows towards his genitals, leading to an urge to climax quickly, however by visualizing this energy moving upwards from your genitals through your spine and towards your heart chakra, you begin to blend your desire for climax with your desire for love. This not only deepens the experience and connection between lovers, but also extends it — a happy plus for both parties!!

When a lady is sexually aroused, energy flows from the genitals toward her heart more naturally, and therefore there is less need to limit the sexual energy since it is already flows well, but instead while engaged together to direct your sexual energy from your heart to the top of your head.

Essentially, what both these acts are saying is to become more Mindful of your energy while engaged in sex. Do not just focus on your genitals, but mentally become Mindful of your sexual energy and visualize it moving through out your Body.

Taking a few minutes prior to intimacy to meditate will also greatly aid and enhance this experience and help turn it into a physical and emotional and a spiritual act. Spiritual sex (or “cosmic ecstasy”) is a far more pleasurable and intense experience than purely physical sex.

Sex is one of the most powerful forces in our human experience, it brings us as close as we get to Bliss while on Earth. It is an act that should not be neglected and one that provides a greater and deeper bond between loving adults. There is no surer way to bring happiness into your Life than a spiritually, intimate relationship with your partner

Namaste x

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about sex, baby! Spirituality and Intimacy

  1. What do you think about celibacy and the enhanced energy and feeling of well-being that most celibate people experience? Have you ever saved your sexual energy for a month just to see what it is like? I enjoyed the post, by the way, I’m just curious šŸ™‚

    1. I believe celibacy has a place if one needs to retreat for a period of time and find their core again, however I do not recommend it for a long period. I respect those who take that vow, however I do not – in my opinion – believe it healthy for one’s spirit. I think we are created as sexual beings and our sexual energy needs to flow in a positive way to attract other positive energy.

      The Tao belief system has interesting ideas on intimacy that I think can be integrated into our practices, but wouldn’t recommend celibacy for a long time frame.

      Just my opinion!

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