big bang, awakening, consciousness, atoms

The Big Bang!

The Universe, according to science, began with the Big Bang about 14 billion years ago.

The Universe, at that point in time, was believed to be so small it would have fit into a pinhead a million times overs, and was so hot and dense that our Minds can not fathom. Then…… it exploded.

big bang, awakening, consciousness, atoms

It exploded and in fractions of a millisecond, the Universe grew ….. and has kept on growing!

At the point of the big bang, the Universe expanded (and became much colder) and became particles of antimatter and matter which conflicted and competed with one another and to a large extent eliminated each other, however some of the more stable Matter survived and neutrons and protons began to form (with a few seconds of the big bang)

Within a few minutes, temperatures continued to fall rapidly (albeit still hot beyond today’s earthly comprehension, probably around 1b degrees Celsius) and it was now cold enough for neutrons and protons to fuse together.

After a further few hundred thousand years the Universe had cooled further, probably between 2000-5000 degrees, and the atomic nuclei formed from the fusion of neutrons and protons began to capture electrons which formed atoms.

The atom is the ‘basic’ unit of matter and it consists of a nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons.

The nucleus of an atom contains neutrons (which are neutral) and protons (which are positively charged) and these electrons are held together by the electromagnetic force. (Note: atom that are bound together are called molecules, and these atoms are bound together with the electromagnetic force also)

And everything in the universe is made up of atoms vibrating at different speeds, so fast that they appear solid to our human senses, but in truth continuously moving and vibrating. Everything is made up of atoms, the chair you are sitting on, the mobile device or laptop you are reading this on, and you — your human body. And this is why we are all One. This is why we say we all come from the same Source.

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