Find your Life Purpose

This current blog is not so much about helping your find your Life Purpose, but more about trying to motivate you to do so.

We all have a purpose that we are here to fulfill before we leave this world, but more often than not we are fearful and afraid to follow it. We are fearful because we have families and mortgages, or because we’ve spent a long time down one path that at our Age it would seem impractical and imprudent to change direction. All very True, so instead we continue down a Path knowing deep within ourselves that its no our Purpose.

But why would we do this, why when we have a knowing within us — albiet one we ignore most the time – of what we are Here to do. We instead choose to focus on our Fears, rather than our Dreams, yet both are as real as you choose to make them.

And really we should be prepared to risk a great deal to attain that dream job, because otherwise we spend countless hours going to a job that we don’t enjoy. So why not take a risk?

Plus, as Jim Carey recently said in his now famous speech, he watched his father doing a job he didnt do, only to lose than job and lose the family home. His point being you can ‘fail’ at what you don’t enjoy, so why not take a chance of what you do.

When you do what you love to do and spend every single moment of your life doing it, you will not even notice the time fly by each day. Surely that is worth the risk, plus even if it doesnt work……what have you lost? You can fail at what do don’t enjoy, you can lose the job you don’t like, so if you try to do something you do, and it doesnt work out, what have you really lost?

The Universe Will Conspire

And here is Real plus point. When you really truly are undertaking your Life Purpose then the Universe conspires to make it easier for you.

Take a look at my 9 ways to know you’ve found your Life Purpose blog post:

Not only will you enjoy what you do (obviously you’ll still have up days and down days) but you will enjoy what you do more, AND will earn lots of money as money will follow you once you have found a job that you truly love to do!!

On top of this, you will have more Energy, feel Lighter, and exude a Confidence you never had before, and this new found Light that shines in you will attract others to you, whether that be more business or the attraction of the opposite (or same) sex.

And this new positive energy and vibrations will set off a virtous cycle in your Life and the Law of Attraction will continue to work for you in ways you never dreamt possible.

It is worth the Risk

Namaste xx

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