After Sleep   Nutrition is the next important aspect of what I call the Foundations or the Basics. The importance of Nutrition can not be understated. Bad things happen to people but good nutrition should at least minimize your risks and increase your chances of achieving good health………and good health is an important aspects in achieving your true Essence.

Over 80% of the food in our Supermarkets today were not on the shelves 50 years — it is basically not food, its processed stuff that masquerades as food.  Food doesn’t come in branded packaging – as tempting as it looks – it comes naturally.  Water, Fruit, Vegetables, Fish.

I’m not suggesting you give up food you like, simply stressing that if you do you will get a far more positive experience and be able to truly begin to live your life in the Essence.  A hamburger tastes great for a few minutes, nachos cheese tastes yummy but then they lie in your stomach for a few hours making you sluggish and tardy, and less likely to exercise and more likely to sit in front of the TV.  That’s all great for the occasional evening, but every day, or at least most……can you imagine how much you are handicapping your chances of success compared to people who eat well, have energy and look better for it!

Don’t get me wrong I eat plenty bad, but now how to control it. I’ve just put on 15 pounds over the early summer (bit of Vegas and Miami can do that to you!) but hope to be able to drop 10 pounds in the next few weeks. Here’s my food plan… I’m not suggesting it will work for any of you, but it works for me. There are plenty of fad diets out there and I am sure they are great — but they’re only Great if they work for You!

I try and eat a red apple and drink a glass of orange or grapefruit juice for breakfast, and then have a Green tea when I get into the office. You find after a few days an apple actually becomes sufficient, and although you’re hungry you actually are fine until 11.30ish.

I then go for a salad. A sandwich can have 1000 calories in it, even a Turkey sandwich contains many calories because of the bread. Eat the Turkey without the bread and you’re sweet, but include the bread and not only are you gaining unnecessary calories you also making yourself far more sluggish. So, go for a Salad. Eat a sandwich or grab a soup every so often, but make Salad your main lunch………..and mix it up!! Thats what i found that I actually enjoyed about salad….the selection!! There are quite literally a dozen or so choice, and I choose 5 or 6 everyday to mix up the taste. Rather than always ordering the same Turkey sandwich or the same Hamburger.

Iceberg lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, pepper, jalapenos, beets, cheese, tuna, chicken, egg, olives etc……i choose a selection, mis up the veg and mix up the dressing and then I actually enjoy it! I also add some Chia Seeds……probably the most potent food in the work and ancient ‘secret’ of the Aztecs……………i’m sure I will cover Chia as a standalone topic at some point.  Have lunch, then take a multi-vitamin……………..there is research that contradicts on multi-vitamins so i can’t be totally sure, but i guess it’s probably worth trying for now. I also take a Calcium supplement as I don’t enjoy milk so believe I lack sufficient calcium…………i probably should go the doctors to find out if thats even true.

As for dinner, something light also…………fish, cheeses (i personally enjoy going to Kroger and selecting 3 or 4 cheeses from their under $5 cast off pieces, and the either enjoy with a fresh bread from Wholefoods or if i’m being really good some wheat crackers instead. Other nights I have eggs, smoked salmon, a tuna sandwich (as I miss my tuna sandwiches at lunch!), and sometimes chicken or read meat. 

Oh, and of course, drink shed loads of water. Water, Water, Water.  I try and drink 4 1-litre bottles of Smartwater. It’s probably too much, and it is possible to drink too much water, but most people drink too little. So drink water, drink water, drink water…..and maybe some green tea……and the occasional coffee………..and occasional red wine :))

That concludes my second post (well, first really) and I am sure I will post many more articles on the subject of nutrition and I will provide some factual informationand and accurate data from nutrition experts next time that provides color to my comments.

Eat well and prosper!


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