Top 6 Ways To Improve Your Vibrational Energy

Every thought or feeling has a vibration —  by raising your vibration you better connect, and it helps attract and manifest joy, happiness and your dream life.  Here are the six simplest steps to raise your vibration (even at your desk)

1.   Smile!

Just randomly throughout the day, smile!  Even if you are just sitting at your computer, it’s amazing how quickly this shift your vibration to a happier place!

2.   Reduce the amount of ‘low-vibrational’ internet articles you read (and TV you watch)

TV and internet articles can be a constant stream of negativity, plus commercials and display advertising are pushing products you don’t need and create misleading messages in your mind, like I need this car to be successful!

3.  Be here NOW

Just be here NOW – at least for a few moments! Now is all we really have, the past is gone and the future does not exist yet.

4. Use words (and thoughts) that empower and heal

The words you use have a great impact on your vibrational energy.  Be conscious of what you are saying and use positive words, not negative ones.

5. Be grateful

Come up with 5 things right now that you are grateful of – then do this at least twice a day!

6. Go for a Walk!

Time indoors can drain your energy, just step outside for a few minutes, or at least get up and take a few deep breaths!  Ideally breathe in the fresh air and be grateful for the sky, the grass, the trees, and the air you breathe!

There are of course many other tools to raise your vibrations, from eating certain foods, listening to music, suspending judgment (of self and others) and practicing random acts of kindness, and many many more …………

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