limiting belief

There is only one thing more important to fulfil your life purpose than your Words and Thoughts — and that is YOUR BELIEFS.

Beliefs are harder than Words or Thoughts to observe, since words are spoken out aloud and thoughts are spoken in your Mind they are easy to recognize. Beliefs are not spoken and therefore harder to become aware of.

How to observe your Beliefs

Beliefs are only truly discerned by how you feel, by how you vibrate. For example, if you think to yourself ‘I will change the world’ or ‘I will become a billionaire’ how do you vibrate, do you notice any subtle changes in how you feel?

That is how you observe your Beliefs, and you will never achieve your Essence or achieve your Life Purpose unless you believe – truly believe – that whatever it is you want to achieve is possible. Ghandi said “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny”

There are many ways to change your Beliefs which I will discuss in a later post, however for now I want to share with you the story of an exceptional young man that proves this Truism.

The importance of removing self-doubt

I had the good fortune last year to meet a young man by the name of Kyle Maynard. Some of you may know Kyle, but most of you likely will not. He climbed to the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro. The purpose of his climb was to INSPIRE disabled veterans, since tragically an average of 18 veterans with war related injuries choose to end their lives each and every day.

Kyle’s achievements in drawing attention to this cause and in reaching the 19,340 ft peak of Africa’s tallest mountain (about 12 times the height of Stone Mountain in his home state of Georgia) is admirable enough for any young man………but for a man born without arms or legs there are simply no words to describe Kyle’s achievements.

Kyle is a congenital quadruple amputee, meaning he was born without arms or legs, but to Kyle that is simply no excuse for not climbing mountains. Kyle has metaphorically been climbing mountains since he was a toddler. He played football in High School, at college he became an award-winning wrestler (finishing 12th in the nation in his weight class) and after college he became an amateur mixed martial arts fighter. Kyle has been climbing mountains all his life and last year, on January 15th, he did it again.

I had the huge privilege of meeting and talking with Kyle and hearing him speak and one amazing thing about Kyle is, when he begins speaking, you don’t see his disability as a handicap and instead see it as his strength…. but then after a while you don’t see his disability at all – you simply see your own.

During his speech Kyle asked everyone whether a disability is having no arms and no legs, or whether self doubt is the disability. Kyle clearly believes self doubt, rather than lack of limbs, is what disables people and who can argue with him.


No Excuses

I have only just begun reading Kyle’s book “No Excuses” but even after the first few chapters I see how much everyone can learn from this young man. For Kyle there are simply no excuses, whether that be playing video games, football, wrestling, mountain climbing or life.

Before meeting this exceptional young man I made excuses for not completing work on time, or not achieving goals. I provided myself with convenient excuses for many things…..but to Kyle there are simply no excuses.

He proves that being born without arms or legs is no excuse for not climbing a mountain, he proves the only excuse for not climbing a mountain is having the belief you will never climb a mountain. The belief you don’t have the time to climb a mountain, don’t have the energy to climb a motivation, or whatever limiting belief you choose to tell yourself. As Kyle says self-doubt in your beliefs is the handicap, not anything else.

ABC News 20/20 Kyle Maynard

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