Spiritual Development and Sleep


I want to return to the importance of sleep in achieving Life Purpose.

Sleep is not just about physical, mental and emotional processing…………. but also about spiritual development.

Our Aura

Our aura is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds us – in fact it surrounds all living beings, including plants, trees and animals – it is the first layer in the “human energy field” and in immediate contact with our physical body, and helps us communicate with “higher bodies”.
Sleep supports the progression of this “etheric body”.

The greater the spiritual level, the stronger the aura, and it is through the aura that we are attached with the ‘Universe’.

The Aura is a mixture of the rays of our energy centers – our chakras – and if the energy supply through the chakras to the body is clear then the aura is strong, but if congested though stress, worry or pollutants of other types then the chakras become blocked.

We continuously get energy from the Universe through the top of our head, the crown chakra, and then energy is supplied to the other six chakras. In times of worry, our minds are surrounded with negative thoughts and they ‘cut out’ some of the abundant supply of cosmic energy. That is why when we meditate, and thoughts decrease, it provides an abundance of cosmic energy to heal our ‘torn’ aura, healing our etheric body and increasing wellbeing.

This progression and development of the ‘etheric body’ is important for a healthy physical life and the development of wisdom. This progression requires a large amount of extra rest and sleep — and this is why many “spiritually oriented” people need a lot of sleep.

To replenish your aura pay attention to your need for rest and sleep, and do not try and negate it through use of stimulants.


Dreaming is another very important activity that can occur only during the sleep state.

Dreams can represent the processing of daily events, one’s past or even mundane things like television shows that the mind needs to mull over. Even unpleasant dreams and nightmares are important.

If one does not sleep enough, or does not sleep well, the dreaming process is interrupted and this always impacts health – and one’s spiritual and mental development. An entire blog could be written on Dreams, but simply recognize dreaming is another reason why adequate rest and sleep are so critical for everyone.


Kabbalah states that sleep is a time of rejuvenation for the Soul. It is when our Soul is united with its Source above and spiritually refreshed and recharged. In the absence of the conscious mind, the subconscious emerges and, according to the Kabbalah, the soul’s essential powers are strengthened and more apparent while one is asleep. Sleep is a rich time for rejuvenation, insight and other healing.

In short, there is no substitute for sleep.

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