How To Open Your Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is the seventh and most spiritual of the chakras.

It represents a Beings wisdom and oneness with the Universe. When this Chakra is open you become more connected to the world and it’s connection to you!

If your Crown Chakra is under-active: you may be rigid in your thoughts and not open, but if it’s too over-active you may even ignore your bodily needs (food, water, shelter etc) to focus on your Spiritual needs.

To open your Crown Chakra, sit cross-legged and then put your hands in front of your stomach, then point your ‘little fingers’ away from you, touching at their tops, and then cross the rest of your fingers, and then place your left thumb underneath your right thumb.

Next, focus on the Crown Chakra and what it stands for.


Then silently, for ten minutes, chant the sound “NG” while your body relaxes and your mind concentrates on the Crown Chakra.

Try to do this daily until you feel more connected to the Universe.

WARNING: Only open your Crown Chakra if your Root Chakra is open.

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