run, exercise, spirituality

Even just 5 minutes helps!!!

Good news!!! A Journal of the American College of Cardiology study recently published shows that running, even if for just 5 minutes a day, can reduce your risk of dying!

run, exercise, spirituality

Researchers studied over 55,000 adults (aged over 18 over a 15-year timeframe) and have just concluded that who ran lived on average three years longer than those who did not and had a 30% lower risk of death. These benefits are amazing!!

There are numerous benefits from exercise, but this research specifically calls out the benefit of running, and rarely has it been scientifically shown that only 5 minutes a day can help…..and it doesn’t matter if you run like an Olympic athlete or at a snails pace as the speed of the runner did not make much difference!

The study shows that runners who run slower than 6 miles per hour for under an hour a week, still had a lower risk of dying than those who did not run at all. The only relevant element was consistency…… people who run consistently over a period of six or more years gained the most benefits

So, the benefits of only 5 minutes a day are clear. And the physical benefits can include lower blood pressure, reduced risk of developing diabetes, reduced risk of blockages that can cause strokes or heart attacks. And there are also spiritual benefits.

Running is a Great way to clear you Mind. Focus on your Breathing while running, and focus on your Stride and it can become a meditative experience So, for only 5 minutes a day the benefits outweigh the challenges……give it a go! Your Body and Soul will thank you x

Please note, that people considering taking up running should of course talk to their doctors first, especially if you have chronic conditions.

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