purpose, life purpose, life path, path, destiny, goals, spirituality

Pinpoint your passion!!!

Making your Life more meaningful is about pinpointing your Passion.

Each one of us is born with unique strengths and talents and it is these that point to our life purpose. To live a purposeful life is why you are here, it is your Gift to the world!!! So, please, look deeply within yourself to identify your own reason for Being, your purpose in life.

purpose, life purpose, life path, path, destiny, goals, spirituality

“The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.” – Richard Leider

Most of us still haven’t taken the time to be truly clear about our Purpose, we are still on the treadmill of “sleep-eat-work-play-sleep” and have been too sidetracked by societies norms and the beliefs given to us by our parents and education system to truly search deep into our Soul to find our true calling.

Find your Purpose

However, we must begin to prioritize ourselves, and our Souls, to discover our real Lifepath, so here are some Tips to help:

(1) Through out your Life you have been given clues to your Mission. These include your interests, your passions, your strengths and your unique gifts. These are ALL unique to you, and they reflect what you have been brought here to do.

(2) Make a list of the times in your Life you felt most motivated and alive — notice if there are any commonalities between the things you’ve listed.

(3) Clear your mind and take 3 deep and long breathes and ask yourself the following:

– What are my skills, talents and gifts?
– What am I most passionate about?
– When am I most confident? What is it that I am doing when most confident, almost as if on auto-pilot?
– What do others always tell me I am good at?
– How would I change the world if I could?

(4) Continue to sit quietly, focusing in your Higher Self, and then through meditation and prayer ask for divine guidance about your Life Path.

(5) Develop a paragraph, no more than 3 sentences long, aggregating everything you have just learned …… your interests, skills, passions etc to what you received in meditation and prayer. Continue to refine these sentences over and over until you are convinced, in Your Soul, that have collected your Life Purpose into one mission statement.

NOTE: please note, and this is an important point, (albeit sounding contradictory) that often your Life Purpose can involve overcoming something you are not comfortable with, for example if public speaking is something that truly frightens you, then it is possible this is something you’ve been tasked with overcoming to achieve your Life Purpose. If you’re fearful of foreign travel, yet your Mission statement, seems to require this of you, then this may also be something you’re required to overcome. Our strengths and gifts are our clues, but our fears can also be a guide as to what we need to overcome to reach out Purpose. (The difference is we will know deep down in our soul, intuitively, that this Fear is in fact something we have to overcome to fulfill our Purpose — rather than it simply being something we fear that feels no relevance to our Path)

(6) Become aware of the opportunities that begin to present themselves to you. Since we are all One, and all come from the same Source, since we are all connected, then the Universe will bring you what you need. Watch how opportunities involving your Purpose begin to happen on time and when you need them. Watch how clues will appear just as you might have been tempted to give up.

Take a look at to learn more about ‘How you know you’ve find your Life Purpose”

(7) You will notice the Law of Attraction working for you. Once you know your purpose, your entire being will be focused on this, you will Vibrate in perfect alignment with it and the Laws of Attraction will know this and respond. Your Thoughts and Words will support you since you will now enjoy what you are doing and have a knowing that you are now Living with meaning and purpose!

A life lived with purpose and intention is one that is fulfilling! You were put here for a reason xx

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